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Government of the Virgin Islands

Remain active to become a healthier you!

Passcode: *Nrkr80s


MotivateMe Point Values

Program period: October 1, 2022 –September 30, 2023

All primary active employee plan members of the GVI Cigna Plan are eligible. An easy-to-use program that maintains all information on rewards and progress, available on

  • The maximum incentive is $80*

    • Spouses and dependents not eligible

    • Non-Profit and Semi-Autonomous Agencies are also eligible

  • Goals available:

    • Biometric Screening** - $15 (this goal must be completed before redeeming awards)

    • Complete your Health Risk Assessment - $15

    • Preventive Screenings –(there is a $40 cap in this category)Annual Wellness Exam/Physical - $30

      • Annual Well Women’s Exam (OB/GYN) - $30

      • Breast Cancer Screening - $10

      • Colon Cancer Screening - $10

      • Cervical Cancer Screening - $10

      • Prostate Cancer Screening - $10

There are so much more ways to earn CASH!  Please find the details here.  

*Incentives may be taxable

**Gatekeeper –eligible members will not be able to redeem any rewards until the Biometrics goal is complete

It's never too late to get healthy. Or to get rewarded for it. The Cigna MotivateMe® program offered by GESC Board automatically rewards you for the healthy things you do.  “The MotivateMe incentive program is designed to improve the health and productivity of employees. Don’t forget to self-report!” 

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Benefits Open Enrollment
Exercise Group

Who can participate


All current full-time employees are eligible to participate in the Group Health Insurance Plan

Retirees under 65 years of age

Retirees under 65 years of age may elect to obtain Health Insurance Coverage

Retirees over 65 years of age

Retirees over 65 years of age may elect to obtain Health Insurance Coverage 

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